Less than halfway to go.

So this past weekend marked the halfway point of training. We’re doing ok, for two busy people who are really just doing Hell and Back for the craic.

I’ve been doing the Freeletics exercises three mornings a week before the rest of my family wake up and the daily chaos begins. I find there is a lot of core work, which would be fine for me, but less for arms. That said, for someone who couldn’t do a single push up without putting my knees on the floor, I am improving. And my arms seem to be in a semi-permanent state of soreness. That seems weirdly hopeful.

It was pouring rain all day on Saturday so Paul and I saw it as an opportunity to train in the muck. We live opposite a great big park with kids’ climbing equipment in the ‘deep dark woods’ (as the kids call it). So we got some good hill runs in, running through big puddles and mud and did some big kid play on the equipment. I can’t swing from one bar to the next on the monkey bars, but I practised hanging, then swinging with Paul ‘lightly’ holding my legs. He’s got no problems there.

We also did a trial of the new gloves we’d each bought. Mine did the job, but were pretty wet and gross by the end. Nevertheless, I would not have been able to do half of the climbing / hanging without them. Paul intends to give his input to this blog with a product review after the race. We shall see about that…

Might give my old Vibram Five Fingers a go on my evening run tonight. They seem like they could be a good solution to the wet shoes issue, but I have to get the soles of my feet a bit stronger before I risk stepping on stones, branches, etc.

Again, we shall see…


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