The Final Countdown…

So now we’ve just got days to go until our Hell and Back Challenge on Saturday. This past weekend, despite my best intentions, was a veritable write off due to social commitments and ensuing hangovers. Hope to get a good workout in tonight, then a couple more to maintain levels during the week, then take Thursday and Friday off.

But really, we are as fit as we are going to be, so there is not much we can do in that department. Paul thinks I should do an ice bucket challenge type thing before one of my workouts this week so I don’t have a heart attack at the start of the course on Saturday. This is a genuine concern – I just do not do cold water. In my 10 years of living in Ireland, I have never once been swimming in the sea. Not once. Even my actual ice bucket challenge was lame back when that was a thing.

Sad that this is my number one concern, but there it is. Please be warm on Saturday. Please.



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