We are Paul and Sheila, two parents on a mission to complete the Hell and Back challenge together on the 17th of June, 2017.  We are both fit, but not exactly fitness fanatics. I (Sheila) run a distance race or two a year, and keep generally fit through running, zumba, walking and yoga. Paul is a black belt in judo, and does a bit of spin and swimming as well. We’ve both had knee surgery in the last two years – me for cartilage tear, Paul for his ACL and  separately for a cartilage tear, so we’ve had our peaks and dips in fitness levels.

We decided to give this a go after registering our 6 year old daughter for the Hell and Back Junior race with her little school buddies on the 18th of June, and we thought we might inspire her by doing it ourselves. Between parenting our two kids and both working full time jobs, finding time to train together will be a challenge in itself. But we are determined to make ourselves and our kids proud by finishing well, and have a bit of craic along the way!